Key Trends in Flower Girl Outfits

Flower girls play an important role in the current settings of marriage ceremonies. The fashions exemplified are tremendous in addition to very competitive at this point aesthetically presented! This means that the dresses floral girls wear are normally given personal preference when wedding events are being arranged. Suitable coordination and planning is therefore necessary to achieve a successful, memorable and a nostalgic wedding.

Choosing the perfect flower girl dress can often be a difficult task. Here, we’ve listed the key trends in flower girl outfits to aid in making selecting the perfect dress slightly easier. A special occasion girls dress should be cute, matching with the wedding party and comfortable for the girl child wearing it. Here is style guide to help choose the right outfit.


The perfect choice for a flower girl dress has to be lights pastels and cream tones. They don’t have to be the explicit colour of the bridesmaids dresses hence a subtle, yet pretty shade is perfect. A slight pattern can appearance nice but consider the way it may look with what the rest of the bridal party is wearing.


There are lots of different styles of flower girl dresses you can buy. The two at the moment which are preferred are: the ballerina style dress with running tuel along with the baby doll type dress with ribbon detailing.

These are both very pretty styles because they are dresses that your little girl could wear to another special occasion. If they are long dresses, you could always have them altered at a  later stage to be made knee length at the same time.


Like the dress itself, the simplest and most elegant accessories are best. Small dainty bracelets made from soft coloured beads or a wreathe made from flowers is a lovely finishing touch.Sometimes the flowers used in the bouquet are often used to decorate the flower girls hair. If she has her ears pierced, small silver or gold studs or crystal studs are perfect. Flower girls add that pinch of salt to any wedding. So, how do you choose a good and a commanding flower girl dress?

The Flower Girl Dress
One of the best ways of arriving to the correct flower girl dress is by understanding the various ages of the flower girls.

Dresses such as The Beautiful Silk Dupioni are quite good for small girls. But this can be varied to other varieties and color such as The Sleeveless Polka