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Key Trends in Advertising and Social Media Marketing for 2014

Social media marketing has evolved quite a bit, since the social networking was introduced in early 21st century. Marketing over social media carries proven to be effective and also profitable, irrespective of the size, characteristics or the demography of a business. This informative article attempts to reveal the oncoming marketing trends that could dominate social media marketing in 2014.
The unbeatable progress of social media has made it a valuable marketing tool for organizations, regardless of their dimensions, demography as well as product/service. At the time of a recent study, 93% of marketers need stated that it is actually a key component of their marketing strategies, in 2013. Currently, social media is the number one place for on the net advertising. Networks such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter have become mandatory accessories in daily like, and will continue to be so in 2014. This provides a great platform to check out the trends in social media marketing that’s expected to dominate online marketing in the coming year.
- Location dependent marketing
Location based mostly marketing signifies using of GPS technology to match the mobile advertisements to the geographical place of the customer. This will help to creating and delivering ads to specifically cater to the users’ needs. In social networking context, the applications such as FourSquare, Path and are continuing down this path to deliver communication based on their location.
- Google+ on the go
Although Facebook will still dominate the Social Networking world in 2014, Google+ is quickly seeing up. As of September 2013, Google+ has increased their user foundation to 1.15 billion, and records the second largest monthly users. This popularity will make Google+ an excellent marketing platform in 2014. Furthermore, it’s becoming an integral part of Google’s SEO and personalized browse, which provides an ideal marketing platform.
- Increase in mobile utilization
Business need to pay attention to social network marketing on mobile platform, as the social network usage via mobile phones has become increasingly popular. Latest smartphones are returning with different, innovative features and mobile applications, many of which are essentially targeted in the direction of marketing. It’s getting extremely easier to share content via mobile phones, which makes it imperative for marketers to increase their presence on social media.

What will the advertising landscape look like in 2014? How will she probably consumers find the products and services they want today and in the future? Listed here are some of the trends every advertising company in the country is observing closely.

Mobile Advertising

Desktop personal computers no longer rule, while smaller mobile screens seize customers’ eyeballs. While maintaining a top quality traditional website remains a must for every business, it’s additionally becoming increasingly essential for businesses to develop an online presence optimized for mobile phones.

Customers want to be able to use their mobile devices to access information about businesses, products, and also services on the fly. And they must be able to interact with that content comfortably on those devices’ small touch screens. Producing web content that could be tailored for devices of all sizes is regarded as the the main focuses of marketers in 2014.

Shareable Content

As social media takes up a larger reveal of online activity, advertising content would probably increasingly be shaped for platforms that encourage sharing. This is an actual opportunity for businesses poised to take advantage of it, as information about products and services that comes from friends, family members, and peers has more influence on consumers as compared with other types of messaging.

Content that straight away catches users’ consideration and makes them smile or perhaps feel is the kind of content that they need to share with others. An advertising agency that produces shareable, social content will emphasize brief, catchy messages accompanied by visually arresting images and videos.

Useful Content

Another important trend in advertising in 2014 will be creating content that is useful for consumers. Target audiences have become skeptical of traditional sales approaches or have learned to tune them out. But most people are happy to engage with content that they find beneficial, and they are more likely to take a positive view of a company that can relate its products or services to this useful information.

Producing useful content related to a company’s products or services boosts that company’s reputation not only with consumers, but with search engines as well. A business’s place in search engine results can be the key to its success or failure, and search engines currently favor web content that is considered informative or useful, rather than purely promotional.

Investment and Growth Opportunities Emerging In Greece

Greece is a beautiful European country for vacations, but it is also an exciting place for investment together with business expansion. The geographic location puts companies in touch with an active European market ready for high quality products and services from around the world.

This consumer market place is growing continuously and is at present growing with upwards of 140 million buyers from the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Europe. There are zero trade barriers to these consumers and even Greece is a member of the Eurozone and the European Union. If you are interested in expanding your business to a brand new area of the world, you can say that some sectors of business have extremely competitive advantages in Greece.

When the Olympic Games moved to Athens in 2004, investments were made in the travel in addition to communication infrastructures. This investment has benefitted the individuals of Greece and would make the country ripe for investment decision. The natural resources found within the country additionally contribute to its coming up as a hot investment destination.

New Investment Legislation Disturbing Real Estate

In order to maximize profit on the emerging Greece market, the country has implemented new investment legislation referred to as the Strategic Investments programme. The most recent legislations passed were designed to stimulate economic recovery within the country by offering incentives for “strategic investments.” One area that will be impacted by these incentives is residential permits for real estate. And do not forget to take information about fototapety na sciane here too.

The Strategic Investments programme will allow select real estate investments to be fast tracked with administrative assistance, favourable conditions for planning, and other entitlements while proceeding through the permit process. In order to qualify for this entitlement, an investment needs to be deemed suitable by a government committee setup to evaluate investments.

Another change is the offer of a long-term residence permit visa for third-country citizens who invest more than 250,000 Euros in real estate. This visa will allow the investors and their family members to travel freely between Greece and Schengen Area. This Fast Track legislation is something worth taking advantage of, especially since the real estate prices in Greece are currently bottoming out.

Key Trends in Business Intelligence for 2013

We are half way through 2013 and also it’s safe to say that Business Intelligence (BI) provides emerged at one of the top priority technologies for enterprises. It can be rightfully if you wish BI helps industries in controlling their costs, boosting revenues and even gives insights for faster and better decision making. We will take a look at the following key trends seen in 2013 in the world of BI.

Evolving Advanced Dash Boards: Expansion as well as development of dash boards keep on going. Although a lot of initially felt that right now there wasn’t much scope for innovations left in dash boards, these are typically still evolving. And also today, most of the large and mid-size enterprises use at least some and also the other BI dash boards. Innovation in dash boards is therefore becoming mainly powered by more data that can be mined from the systems. With this new ability it is now possible to add newer dimensions to reports. The dash boards will now be more innovative and primarily driven by the motto that all BI initiatives should be in alignment with the business goals. The key focus of dash board innovation would revolve around giving the ability to non-technical BI users to mash the data and assemble their own dash boards as per their KPIs. This gives the ability to generate quantifiable insights powered by fact-based conclusions for taking better business decisions.

Further Expansion in Self Serviced BI: It will be a visible trend that many leading enterprises would start shifting from traditional BI practice to advanced dashboards with self serviced BI solutions. Leveraging from the current technological innovations, companies are looking forward to exploring and analyzing new data sets without much IT support. This is essential as enterprise users lack the time, resources and budgets for catering to the rising Business intelligence demands of today. Thus, 2013 will see more BI vendors driving towards innovations.

Mobile BI: Like all aspects of life, mobile technology has proliferated the BI space as well. As more executives use smart-phones and bring tablets for office use, enterprises have started integrating mobile technology to boost sales and several other business functions. Mobile BI has thus, re-ignited executive interests and is expected to drive BI adaptation across various industries. A 2012 survey revealed that there is currently merely an 11% deployment of mobile BI however, as enterprise mobility gains more ground this percentage is expected to soar high in 2013 and beyond. And a recent cross industrial survey has further revealed that successful mobile BI adaption is at an average of 24% in 2013, alone.

Main Stream Arrival of In-Memory Computing: 2012 has seen major releases in the In-memory computing space. This means that 2013 is the most opportune year for its growth as many enterprises would leverage this technology in their BI implementations. Greater and more diversified kinds of data can be processed through its columnar architecture resulting in better processing of Big Data and even better extraction of actionable insights. Check and get the vapor discount here.

BI on Cloud: Although currently BI on cloud accounts for just 3% of the revenue, 2013 onwards would see a lot more happening in the cloud space. A Gartner study indicates that many CIO’s welcome the BI on Cloud as it frees them from the hassles of infrastructure management and maintenance. This also comes along with the benefits of flexibility of usage and cost savings for the enterprise. And it is especially useful for SME’s who have variable work load demands.

The above are thus, most definitely some of the ‘would be’ key trends of BI in the 2013. And indeed as BI reaches towards its hall mark this year, the benefits of this progress can only be derived by those enterprises that have clarity of their business goals and remain focused towards achieving these objectives.