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Investment and Growth Opportunities Emerging In Greece

Greece is a beautiful European country for vacations, but it is also an exciting place for investment together with business expansion. The geographic location puts companies in touch with an active European market ready for high quality products and services from around the world.

This consumer market place is growing continuously and is at present growing with upwards of 140 million buyers from the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Europe. There are zero trade barriers to these consumers and even Greece is a member of the Eurozone and the European Union. If you are interested in expanding your business to a brand new area of the world, you can say that some sectors of business have extremely competitive advantages in Greece.

When the Olympic Games moved to Athens in 2004, investments were made in the travel in addition to communication infrastructures. This investment has benefitted the individuals of Greece and would make the country ripe for investment decision. The natural resources found within the country additionally contribute to its coming up as a hot investment destination.

New Investment Legislation Disturbing Real Estate

In order to maximize profit on the emerging Greece market, the country has implemented new investment legislation referred to as the Strategic Investments programme. The most recent legislations passed were designed to stimulate economic recovery within the country by offering incentives for “strategic investments.” One area that will be impacted by these incentives is residential permits for real estate. And do not forget to take information about fototapety na sciane here too.

The Strategic Investments programme will allow select real estate investments to be fast tracked with administrative assistance, favourable conditions for planning, and other entitlements while proceeding through the permit process. In order to qualify for this entitlement, an investment needs to be deemed suitable by a government committee setup to evaluate investments.

Another change is the offer of a long-term residence permit visa for third-country citizens who invest more than 250,000 Euros in real estate. This visa will allow the investors and their family members to travel freely between Greece and Schengen Area. This Fast Track legislation is something worth taking advantage of, especially since the real estate prices in Greece are currently bottoming out.