Fashion Spring-Summer 2013

Fashion Spring-Summer 2013.

Upcoming spring-summer 2013 fashion house known Blumarine sees on the one hand, gentle and very romantic, the other, a sensual and sexual.

Upcoming spring-summer 2013 fashion house known Blumarine sees air, “fresh”, gentle and very romantic. In support of this promotional photo shoot held in the lush spring garden amid the flowering cherry. As the main character was chosen famous Russian top model Anna Selezneva, which play the role of a fairy forest nymph whose image and promotes the brand Blumarine in their collection.

Let’s see, what is it, a modern nymph from Blumarine.

The main tendency of the spring-summer 2013, which is seen in all models of the collection – it’s gentle romantic “flying” silhouettes. This effect is achieved through well-chosen fabrics – organza, chiffon, silk and thin jersey, or a combination thereof. Such tissue gently fall on the curves of the body and draped in the folds of his coat, or by creating a romantic and delicate image. Here we see the bulk tank tops, sweatshirts, light sweaters, which advises Blumarine combine with the same lush skirts to the floor or mid-thigh length, short trousers or drainpipe trousers – bananas, emphasizing the waistline straps or fabric belts.

To make the image seem romantic and spring-fresh, Blumarine uses pastel colors – white, peach, beige, lavender and pale pink. As for the prints, and then traces the spring theme – open flowers surrounded by fresh greens.

Minimalist clothes with simple lines are still very popular, as long as they are paired with cool colors. In contrast to them you can find asymmetric dresses with bold shapes and color canada pharmacy no prescription combinations, big graphic prints and even slogan shirts, making color clashing a definite trend of the spring-summer season.

Pastel colors are favored by every designer for the spring-summer collection, and if we have to choose a color to represent this season it has to be blue. Black and white is of course a timeless color combination, and it’s used every single year. If you chose black and white you might as well choose stripes. Jumbo stripes are a big hit of the season, and you can be certain that this pattern doesn’t go out of fashion in the next couple of years.

If you want to stand out from the crowd you can adopt one of the surprise trends of this year: oriental look with kimono sleeves and detailed colorful designs printed on rich fabrics. This trend is for the confident woman with high self-esteem who isn’t afraid of setting new standards.

Another way to be in the center of attention is to commit yourself to metallic colors, they are very popular on every catwalk around the world.