3 Key Social Media Trends For 2013

Google+ is unavoidable

The many still fighting Google+ need to stop, because since a recently published post in the Wall Street Journal says, ‘There is no eliminating Google+’. The leading search engine is making it increasingly difficult for anybody to ignore its my space and face book. You might wonder precisely what Google+ can do for you together with your brand. To start with, Google+ is included with most of Google’s possessions, like Gmail, YouTube, Blogger in addition to Google Search. Those of you blogging with Google’s Blogger have access to many convenient features, such as the occasion where you can share posts on Google+ with simply one simply click. Even if it is difficult to find precious time for Google+ in your online pursuits, it is time to start now.

There are three important reasons why we all need to be on Google+. Firstly, routines on Google+ improve the possibility that people will discover you through search. Additionally, Google+ provides ‘Hangouts on air’, a convenient way to access many people through video convenient. Next, the recently added ‘Communities’ allows users to manage groups of connections based on common loves.

Get informed about your retreat options

Online users experienced issues regarding privacy last year and that tendency is likely to continue in 2013. Advertisers are attracted by your individual data so whether it is Instagram fiddling with legal ownership of your pics or Foursquare making you display your full name forcibly, it is becoming a challenge to preserve privacy in the online environment,without finding educated about online security options and threats.

If you are the end user, many machines are available to help you check the privacy settings regularly. An example is PrivacyFix that gives a convenient way to review the information you may have put out for the public. For computer data ownership, a smart strategy is to read the terms of service but it is usually an intimidating solution to find out about your rights. Another easier choice is to follow a leading social media blog like Mashable to keep competent about changes in social network policies.

Companies cannot afford privacy blunders in the online earth. Most companies have the tendency to weaken as soon as they launch new apps and enter address books and some other places they need not go away. Losing the trust of your on the web audience is one of the worst things to do in the digital world. http://www.entrepreneur.com/

Constant monitoring

We are close to monitoring our online areas round-the-clock because it is increasingly important to uncover what people are saying during all parts of the day. Through the years, we have observed incidences of big brands getting out of the digital world temporarily which damages their popularity, particularly if a customer’s grievance goes virus.

Look for online reputation surveillance services that can provide information about what is being said about your company in the online environment. These services usually provide reports about your business reviews and ratings. Check with a web design company if you want to.

Max Chohan is a professional web designer in Dubai working for a leading graphic design company in the Middle East. At Puzzleworks Design, he has has the expertise to offer advice on successful social media strategies.